Beate Münch
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Welcome to my website.The mission of my art is to share it with people on a journey to improve their overall wellbeing.

My art promotes joy, healing and wellness and can so transform your home or office. As an abstract artist I create work reflecting emotions. I try to capture movement and life. Inspired by nature, emotions and daily life I create my works in abstract expressionism. The work starts with an idea and intuition is leading without any detailed planning. Layer by layer the work is growing. Preferred materials are high quality canvases and drawing papers, highly pigmented acrylics, charcoal, sand and chalk. I experiment with the material to find the suprising final effect. My proces involves working on several pieces at the time to create dialogue between them. Moving from one to another allows me developing ideas and pushing the boundries. This is no going back or correcting proces. My main objective is to encourage the viewer to reflect and to find something in the work which approaches and affects him directly and to feel joy and happiness.

Nomination for the Kitz Art Award 2019 in Austria.

This award is for special performance in contemporary art to promote art & culture.
See my nominated works