(Selected) Exhibitions


01. - 03.11.2019 Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt am Main, Germany

represented by Gallery Marco Antonio Patrizio


Nomination for the Kitz Art Award 2019 in Austria.

This award is for special performance in contemporary art to promote art & culture. 

See my nominated works


15. - 18.02.2019 Arte Genova, Italy

represented by Gallery Marco Antonio Patrizio

Genoa Fair, Blue Pad, booth: 88, Main Section


01.02. - 26.04.2019 Member exhibition "Silent Perceptions"


01.02.2019, 18:30 Uhr

Grace Denker Gallery

Hammerbrookstr. 93, 20097 Hamburg


Artist Presentation in Interviews:

Teil 1

Teil 2


23. - 25. November 2018 WINTERART

Kunstverein Essenheim

Group exhibition


Vernissage, Freitag, 23.11., 20 Uhr


Matinée mit den Quartett Saxophobie, Sonntag, 25.11., 11 Uhr


26.05. - 01.07.2018 Member exhibition Kunstverein Eisenturm "Himmel über Mainz"


01. - 29.05.2018 Group exhibition Future Horizons  in Gallery Jona Quest Art in London Greenwich

  • Group exhibition "Kornblumen und Flunder";Galerie ART SALON Q3,
    Sassnitz - Rügen, Germany; Video: 

  • Solo exhibition in YOGAplus, Mainz, Germany

  • 3. Fassdaubenausstellung - Group exhibition vineyard Wedekind, Nierstein, Germany

  • Group exhibition bei Brita Group, Taunusstein, Germany





  • Art works are held in private collections worldwide 



  • Art project in University medical center Mainz (permanent exhibition, Building 301, 1. floor)
     - Rearrangement of Management's offices and corridors




  • Art studies with Michael Becker, Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule (WfK), Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Studies of Visual Arts and Art history with Doris Happel, Kunstwerkstatt, vhs Mainz

  • Workshops with different artists
  • lives and works in Mainz